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Water Filtration

Have you ever imagined yourself having to drink dirty water? Well, most probably not, but it can happen. You would probably restrain at first, but water is life; you can’t be without it. When a disaster strikes, you are not left with much of a choice. Disasters and emergences such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes leave the whole place in a mess and dilapidation. The water gets contaminated and dirty. Water pipes get damaged and supplies cease. But thirst remains. You have to quench it.

However, it is inconceivable that you will ever have to drink dirty water. Water filtration will allow you to purify water and boost your survival efforts. Water filtration is done using a water filter. There are many different filters available. It should be a component of any survival kit you choose to use during emergencies. The filter removes impurities from water. This can be used by the use of a barrier such as a sieve or a chemical.

In emergency situations, portable water filters are used for water filtration. They are usually small, light and portable. They filter the water by the use of a mechanical hand pump. Others use a siphon-drip system which works by forcing water through. More conveniently, others are inbuilt in water bottles.

During water filtration, it is passed specialized filter and into a container. The filter contains minute pores through which particles larger than water molecules cannot pass. They remove any foreign particles, bacteria, microbial cysts and protozoa that can cause illness.

The importance of water in our lives cannot be understated. In fact, is not possible to survive for long without water. Drinking dirty water can threaten your very life. With water filtration, you are assured that you will be able to supply yourself and your family with life giving purified water. Water filters are a crucial component of a survival kit.

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