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The Art of Giving Thanks In The Digital Age

When planning any type of event or celebration, a thank you note is an element that is just as important as the invitation. But how do you properly thank someone in today's highly digital world? Are email thank you's ok? And what about if they have helped you in a very public way? Should the thank you be public as well?

Looking at personality types, some want public thanks and accolades, others want quality time and to know that you truly appreciate the, then others just want to do the good work. It's a calculated forumula to getting it right. And that's why so many get it wrong.

I think we all have an idea that if someone sends you a wedding gift it's a good idea to send a thank you note. After all, how do they know you got it if you don't thank them? Same goes for birthday gifts you don't open in front of the giver. But what about when someone helps you move? Volunteers to run a phone line at the fundraiser telethon? Helps you get elected to office? While Emily Post does cover most occasions, she's missing the boat on the whole digital age.

Why are thank you notes important? To show appreciation to guests, friends, and family. Thank you notes give people the opportunity to sit down and write out thoughts on paper to guests and when hand writing letters, people typically are able to express feelings that cannot be conveyed simply by a verbal thank you or a phone call. But what about those of us with super busy lives? Hyper scheduled kiddo activities and a 24/7 career? I say, that's what a corporate wife is for!!! It would be easier for me to put up a billboard in Times Square! Not that it never happens, but rare enough to say keep those cards, they'll be worth bank at auction after I'm gone!

So while thank you notes are the finishing touch to any event, I'm searching for a better, more long lasting and beneficial way to share my appreciation. Whatever the event, whatever the reason, it is the guests who help make the event, and it is the guests who shape the guests of honor. Without the guests, they would not be who they are. So those who help make the event what it is, should be shown the proper respect.

I know many of my etiquette friends will want to chime in on this! 🙂

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  1. Profile photo of Natalie
    December 8, 2014

    I’m not really sure if I get this article. If it’s about sending a physical thank you note to people that have helped you, then I’m all for it. In this digital age, it’s a treat to receive something in the mail that’s not bills or bank statements. However, a thank you email would take away the sincerity from this gesture. You might as well make a phone call instead so it seems more personal.

  2. Profile photo of Florence Dupuis
    December 6, 2014

    I am not really pleased by this idea, honestly. I already think emails are taking something away from us, as I find them sad and way less personal than postal cards. But thank you notes too? I mean, it’s important that certains things are kept more personnal, and physical (like a real thank you note). I find this digital era kind of sad… And it lacks the effort that there was in going to the post office to mail something.

  3. Profile photo of Scott
    October 19, 2014

    Perhaps you can send everyone a digital fruit basket instead? Thank you cards are a nice touch for anything, but thank you fruit that you can’t eat just makes it classy.

    On a related note, the digital age allows for a lot of things but if we completely distance ourselves from the old-world niceties we’ll end up like in the matrix.. strapped to a machine and living in virtual reality… and it can’t come soon enough!


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