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Solar Powered Camping Lantern. Best brightness. 10″ of Height.

Solar Powered Camping Lantern. Best brightness. 10″ of Height.

  • Product size: 10* 5.5*5.5 inches. Weight: 2 lb. Color: yellow.
  • Flip-open multi-crystaline solar panels. Combined, 2.2W. A-day-in-the-sun charges the battery full.
  • Built-in Ni-MH battery: 12V/1800mAH. It illuminates up to 10 hours after a full charge.
  • 7 pcs of super bright white LED. No bulb burnout ever. As bright as a 3-watt electric bulb.
  • Female USB cell phone charging output: 6V/300mA. A built-in compass on top.

This heavy duty solar lantern is an ideal portable size and weight lamp for camping, boating, other outdoor activities, emergency, and medical purposes. It could be powered by AC electricity, or the sunlight. No bulb burning, and battery replacement ever. It also charges cell phone on-the-go for good emergency uses. This is safest lamp and light even for children to play with. With the adjustable brightness switch, you light up longer time by using less brightness. Buy it and go on your next vacation or adventure, it will never fail you when there is Sun.

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