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Preparedness Seeds: All 4 Cans (Medicinal, Salsa, Garden, & Culinary)

Preparedness Seeds: All 4 Cans (Medicinal, Salsa, Garden, & Culinary)

The Medicinal Herbs Can also contains gardening and harvesting instructions.

Garden Can contains:
Sweet Corn, Golden Bantam, 5 oz
Onion, Yellow Sweet Spanish, 10 gr
Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing, 10 gr
Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut, 10 gr
Squash Zucchini, Italian Stripe, 10 gr
Radish Champion, 10 gr
Tomato, Rutgers PS, 5 gr
Swiss Chard, Lucullus, 10 gr
Peas, Lincoln, 10 oz
Beet, Detroit Dark Red, 10 gr
Cabbage, Golden Acre, 10 gr
Lettuce, Paris Island Cos, 5 gr
Cucumber, Marketmore 76, 10 gr
Carrot, Scarlet Nantes, 10 gr
Pepper, Yolo Wonder, 5 gr
Bush Bean, Strike, 5 oz

Culinary Herbs Can contains:
Basil, Genovese, 200 seeds
Basil, Lemon, 200 seeds
Chives, 200 seeds
Chives, Garlic, 200 seeds
Cilantro, Slow Bolt, 300 seeds
Dill, Bouquet, 400 seeds
Fennel, Florence, 200 seeds
Marjoram, Sweet, 300 seeds
Oregano, Italian, 600 seeds
Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf, 300 seeds
Peppermint, 400 seeds
Rosemary, 150 seeds
Sage, Broad Leaved, 200 seeds
Spearmint, 400 seeds
Tarragon, Russian, 200 seeds
Thyme, 200 seeds

Salsa Garden Can contains:
Pepper, Anaheim, 100 seeds
Pepper, Jalapeno Early, 100 seeds
Pepper, California Wonder, 100 seeds
Pepper, Big Red, 100 seeds
Onion, White Seet Spanish, 100 seeds
Onion, Yellow Sweet Spanish, 100 seeds
Cilantro, Slow Bolt, 300 seeds
Tomato, Beefsteak, 100 seeds
Tomato, Roma, 100 seeds
Tomato, Rutgers, 100 seeds
Tomatillo, Grande Rio Verde, 100 seeds

Medicinal Herb Can contains:
Ashwagandha, 100 seeds
Licorice, 50 seeds
St John’s Wort, 200 seeds
Horehound, 100 seeds
Arnica, 50 seeds
Calendula, 100 seeds
Stinging Nettle, 200 seeds
Milk Thistle, 50 seeds
Echinacea, 100 seeds
Peppermint, 200 seeds
Burdock, 100 seeds
Dandelion, 100 seeds
Cayenne, 100 seeds
Yarrow, 100 seeds
Uva Ursi, 50 seeds
Oregon Grape, 50 seeds

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Fruit ‘n Such Can of Preparedness Seeds

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