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Overdelivery Is Key To Your Success

Many Internet marketers love to provide more to their customers than what is expected from them. This is called “overdelivering.”

Overdelivering can be a very good strategy to build loyalty between the customer and the Internet marketer, leading to future sales and even future business dealings, such as joint ventures and affiliate partnerships.

Overdelivering is something that doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to achieve, which means that virtually anyone can employ this strategy. For instance, you may say that you are offering a specific ebook for a certain price, but when paying customers reach the download area, they find two additional ebooks as unadvertised bonuses. That’s an example of overdelivering.

You can also overdeliver when it comes to operating a membership site as well. One example of overdelivering is to promise a specific number of new downloadable products in the next update, then provide an even higher number of downloadable products when you update the download area.

Another example of overdelivering when it comes to membership sites is to be around more often to help your members when it comes to Internet marketing and to offering advice on specific aspects of running and maintaining a profitable business. While most members would expect you to be around part of the time, by being around more often and answering specific questions regularly, you’ll have overdelivered on what is expected of you when it comes to what your members are paying for to access your membership site.

For more information on membership sites, read “Membership Sites Made Easy: How to Cash In On Your Own Membership Site.”

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