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Online, Reputation Is Everything!

In today’s world where anyone or anything can be easily “Googled”, hard earned success can be wiped out overnight if companies fail to actively manage their reputation. After all, online, we “are” what people say we are. In this content rich program, attendees will learn how to:
-Strategically handle negative social media attacks
-Quash negative results
-Dominate rankings.
Few things are more important to your continued online success than your company’s brand. And your brand can be quickly destroyed if you’re not controlling what customers are presented with when they Google your company.This is one presentation you wont want to miss…

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Adryenn Ashley

Mediagenic producer transforming the way you watch #SocialTV into a fully interactive immersive experience.

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  1. Profile photo of Bella
    October 29, 2014

    People expect an online presence these days and companies or individuals that don’t seem suspicious if there is no trail.

    Even people mentioning you on a forum or a comment you make using an email address can come up in a search, so you need to careful if you make a response to a news item or blog as well. Making sure there are no negative remarks or to address them if you can’t delete them is important and many people on Trip Advisor end up doing just that to save their business and reputation when guests have had a bad experience or had a personal dislike of something.

  2. Profile photo of Scott
    October 19, 2014

    Reputation is definitely important. Some of us focus on being more behind the scenes in some ways and can slip passed the reputation radar for a while, I do that frequently, but I do agree that it is much better to have a solid reputation. If nothing else, more people will want to see the things you say or do.


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