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  • Genevia Cameron posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 1 year ago

    Hi everyone , this relates to relationships. I have a friend and no it’s not me, that has an issue with online dating. This friend has expressed and interest and possibly starting her own site, creating her own brand, and overall taking control of her life. The problem with this particular friend is that she gets caught up in trying to become so wanted through multiple dating sites that she loses focus when it comes down to her meeting somebody and there always seem to be someone who is less than 10 sliding. I’m going to give you an example, she met someone and he gave her the I just want to be friends and get to know you game instead of going through the process of seeing through the mess and ending the conversation at that point she decided to give me the whole I’m just going to try to get to know him and see where his head is that speech. Now as a friend I’m trying to look out for her and tell her that it’s important for her to possibly not stay alone but to Garner her focus is towards becoming a better mother and a better person versus trying to find somebody just for the temporary fix. I don’t know where I’m going wrong and perhaps it just kind of take myself out of the equation and listening to her talk about her relationships but it will be greatly appreciated for any suggestions.