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  • Martisa posted an update in the group Group logo of BeautyBeauty 2 years, 6 months ago

    What are your current favorite must have beauty products?

    • I refuse to be without my zinc sunscreen and Vitamin C serum. Even on cloudy days, I have to have sunscreen. People actually laugh at me for religiously applying sunscreen, but I’m one of those darker skinned people who burn and worse still, develop uneven skin tone if I expose my skin to UV rays without protection.- and yes, experts maintain even when it’s overcast, the damage can be done!

      • vitamin c is one of the best topical serums you can put on the face. I don’t blame you with that one. There is actually a debate about sunscreen though. I stopped using it several years ago and my skin actually started looking better.

        • I know, my Vitamin C serum is my beauty holygrail LOL But as far as sunscreen is concerned, it’s done wonders for my skin actually. When I discovered natural sunscreen and the hazards of chemical sunscreen, my skin progressively got better and better. I suppose these things work differently for different people. Regarding the ongoing debate, I usually take any new studies and research findings with a pinch of salt because if I listened to every single one of them, I’d stop eating and stop using way too many beauty products. I just gauge it on how it works for me and take it from there 🙂 I can’t live without my natural sunscreen!

          • Yeah that’s true. I forgot about natural sunscreens. I think I use to use DDF it was really good, but I don’t think they make the low chemical one anymore. Obagi C serum that is a really good one. It costs a lot. What brand sunscreen do you use?

      • You can’t go wrong with sunscreen & vitamin C! Everyone should use sunscreen daily, no matter what the weather is! It protects our skin from premature aging, age spots, sunburn, & skin cancer! We should use 70 plus spf in the summer and 30 plus in the winter. Most people don’t use enough. Kiss My Face Sun Factor Face Factor is a good quality sunscreen. The only one I use! Which vitamin C serum do you use?

        • I couldn’t have put it better myself Martisa, I agree with you on all you said. I use Obagi C Vitamin C serum and love it. There’s yet another one I’ve used in the past that I actually prefer but couldn’t afford as it’s very luxurious and pricey **sigh**. The name escapes me, but if I remember it, I’ll let you know….It’s got rave reviews too. I’ll use anything with Vitamin C in it; totally sold.