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  • Mara commented on the post, Real Friends 2 years, 6 months ago

    That was really sweet. Guess i’m a Real friend, since i do things like that. I try to find the positive in everything. It shows that real friends do not take life so seriously and that is really how people need to be. If you go about and take life too seriously, you will only be sad or mad for the rest of your life. take things lightly. Eve though…[Read more]

  • Well, sex cells doesn’t it? its funny how in commercials or movies when they show people naked, it is the girl that is shown naked, well the guy is shown too, but only his upper body. The girls are just out there. I do not get why they do that. So the women can be look down upon as just…meant? and the men get away with it? it is still an unfair…[Read more]

  • I’m tech savvy, but have never heard of these apps before. I have no children so that may be why i didn’t look into things like that. I’m a huge kid at heart, so this inspires me to go check them out. I may end up having fun with these apps. I have not used any educational apps, never in my life. There are way too many distractions. Other apps…[Read more]

  • I haven’t watched this show in a while. I started watching the season which featured the Disney channel star Kyle Massey. I have not watched it since then. In my opinion, they should have won, but that it not why that i stopped watching it. I have just been watching other shows. This article urges me to start watching it again. It is kind of…[Read more]

  • My mind goes along when things go wrong. I’m sad to say that. Every time that i try to accomplish something that i want to accomplish, something goes wrong. Sometimes, i feel like i’m cursed. For an example, let us say that i want to buy something online, and that something costs about $20, and i go and deposit at least $25 dollars on my debit…[Read more]

  • I still struggle with my self esteem, but i’m the kind of person to always try to make others feel better about themselves. I love your advice. They encourage me. I have social anxiety disorder, and that makes me stay away from people. I’m always home doing nothing, i never want to get out, but this is very encouraging to me. It may just work out…[Read more]

  • That was inspirational. I have to learn to follow my intuition and dreams, whatever that you may call them. I always seem to hesitate and it is when people like you post things like this, that i get a little boost of courage and confidence. I needed to read this, and i”m glad that i stumbled upon it. This is very encouraging and i will start…[Read more]

  • This is really helpful. I mean, I have terrible social anxiety, and I can never make eye contact with anyone. It’s really hard for me and I struggle a whole lot with this. I can never get a job because of how timid i’am, so I make my living on the Internet. It’s really bad. The only time that I was able to get up and do public speaking was back in…[Read more]

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