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  • jessica posted an update in the group Group logo of BeautyBeauty 2 years, 6 months ago

    Here is the great debate about beauty products natural verses the chemically processed. They both have there pros and cons. Natural products have great impact and more effective appearance on your skin but take a lot more time and I do me “ALOT” more time to see results. Chemically processed beauty products give fast results but if you don’t keep up with using them everyday all your time and effort would be just as good as penny less. This has happened to me on several occasions. I suppose you can combine the two for a astounding effect like I’m doing now. So which will you choose….

    • Personally I opt for the more natural products!

      • right, right.

      • What are some of your favorite natural products? I love coconut oil! It has so many benefits!

        • I use aloe vera and limes & lemons on my skin often. Coconut oil seems like it has many beneficial qualities. I read a lot of blogs of people who mention this product for hair, skin etc. What do you use it for your?

          • I use it for everything! I use it as a deep conditioner for my hair, a moisturizer for my hair and skin, I even eat it for health benefits! It keeps my skin bright and clear! I enjoy using lemond also!

          • Coconut oil is amazing on the skin, this is true. The lemons and limes are a fruit acid it’s like lightening. You just want to be cautious not to over use. My favorite is to mix geranium oil with the coconut oil. It will keep your face from breaking out cause coco oil does that sometimes. The geranium is firming and a dyspeptic. Results are amazing under makeup. Coco oil plain under eyes beats all expensive eye creams.

        • Coconut Oil is amazing! Protection against hair loss and damage, skin moisturizer, sunscreen, fat loss, better brain function and a lot more benefits.

          Personally I only use it has a moisturizer for both my hair and skin but I’ve been looking for other uses like fat loss by ingestion. How do you go about eating it?

          • I would like to know this also. Very interesting.

            • I simply eat 3 spoonfuls of raw virgin coconut oil daily! I som etimes add it to my coffee and smoothies! Its great for weight loss, heart health, immune system, & it benefits the skin inside out!

    • If I could, I’d definitely stick to natural products ONLY. But they’re not always cheap 🙁 I do stick to natural sunscreen, though….loaded full of zinc. Ever since I started using it as opposed to chemical sunscreen, I’ve seen a marked improvement in the quality of my skin. I also swear by coconut oil, which is such a neat little multi tasker. I mainly use it on my hair, nails and skin.