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  • Florence Dupuis posted an update in the group Group logo of EntertainmentEntertainment 2 years, 3 months ago

    So is anyone here using Netflix? I am curious to know how much of you do so. I know I use Netflix (thought I am sad that it makes all the rental clubs go broke). But I have to say, Netflix is pretty amazing and I found a lot of good tv shows and movies on there that I would never have thought to check out. I guess that’s the trick, for me. If I don’t look for something specific, I have more chance of being happy, because I’ll find something interresting….If I look for too specific, I’ll get depressed because I wanted something that isn’t there. Do you guys use it? And if so, do you change your country sometimes to get more or different movies and series?

    • Jo replied 1 year ago

      I use both Netflix and Amazon Prime. I love streaming videos as it’s so convenient and I have a whole library to make a selection from. Both services have a lot of choice. I use Netflix more for films, and Prime for series. I take risks and try new things that I otherwise wouldn’t have paid for. I usually browse to see what catches my attention. Never thought to try changing my country.

    • Hi, yes I use Netflix. I find it very convenient and the options are good enough to facilitate my interests. It can be a little limiting wherein, some tv shows or movies aren’t available, and I have to use other movie sites. But I’m grateful for the site and it has been my comfort in many times