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  • Florence Dupuis posted an update in the group Group logo of EntertainmentEntertainment 2 years, 5 months ago

    I am not sure to understand how this works exactly, could someone explain to me? I thought I had to join though, because everything with me always have to do with entertainment. I am just wondering how to make this thing though. Should we/where should we post articles or blogs or something? How do we interract about entertainment on here?

    • yes anyone that joins a group can start a subject and that’s how it gets started. You can comment on what is already there. I figured I would jump in since there was nothing here yet.
      Everything with you is about entertainment. Is it part of your job or are you just a fan?

      • But how do I start a topic?
        Everything with me is about entertainment because it’s just my passion, what I love, in a fan way. Right now, I don’t have any job, so I can’t say wheter I’ll end up working in entertainment or not, but I sure hope so!

        • Well you could read through other sections of this website and see. You’ve actually started one right now. Entertainment is your passion, ok. You are a fan. You could start out with who and what you are a fan of. It’s like I enjoy looking at the gowns and dresses they wear for events. The makeup and hair styles. I enjoy watching movies as well.

          • Oh, yeah okay I understand!
            Sorry, I wasn’t sure if it was just doing something like this or if I had to write sort of a blog post, or something in a subforum of sort. I was kind of lost there for a while.

          • A favorite is Jennifer Garner. I like to see what she eats cause she is in great shape. She’s always smiling and happy too. Her makeup is simple but always sexy.

            • Yeah, I agree. She has a great smile, and she keeps herself pretty without putting loads of make-up, like say, Avril Lavigne does. I am not really into shape and diet things thought.