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Adryenn Ashley

  • A few of our favorite things!

    • Hi Adryenn, this is a great list, I love it!
      I adore buying, giving and receiving make-up, it’s such a fun gift to give. There is some beautiful packaging for the girl who loves to “display”, there are organic and natural products for your “earth-child” friend, there are cool/trendy colors and products for your “what’s new” friend… It’s so versatile!
      My friends all know I love the “smellies”, all the things that smell good! so we never disappoint
      Thanks for sharing your ideas..

    • The “face shit” makeup bag is something I would definitely buy for my best friend. It’s a funny gift.
      And the hands free blow dry is something I would need in bathroom… I could do other things while drying my hair .. wow!
      Thank you for these great suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s a cool list, but could do with a wider variety for all the different types whether your friends are glamorous or rebellious… etc… I’m not so keen on receiving make-up myself unless they’re familiar with the style and colours I like. Admittedly, all of my friends are male so what do I know? The only women I buy gifts for are my sister and my mum. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • My best friend would definitely love number one! She’s really into all things make-up, and she’s also got a really sassy side to her where she’d love to whip out that bag and show it off to anyone and everyone! This is a great list.

    • This is a wonderful list! It’s hard to think of a gift to give for my girlfriend so this list will be very helpful! Thank you!

  • Breaking up is never easy. Having to see posts by your ex multiple times a day on social media makes matters even worse. Facebook understand the pain of ending a relationship apparently, and so it has launched […]

    • I feel like this is overreaching just a little bit. I mean, I guess if someone really needs it, that’s fine, but you can just scroll past it if you see it as it is, and most of the time it isn’t information that is something you couldn’t see coming, so… I guess it’s a cool feature if you are so heartbroken you can’t stand to use your mouse.

    • This is the first time I’ve read of this feature in Facebook. But I must say this is extremely sensitive of the management of Facebook. Kudos for thinking of this feature. I’m sure a lot of people who experience separation from a romantic partner will come to appreciate. I think even those with broken friendships can benefit from this.

    • Personally I think ‘delete’ is the best option, as you need to cut them out and move on. I think it’s a good idea for those who have family or children together, but you can monitor your own privacy settings to reflect this. Too much is on social media these days and you should make sure things don’t get over shared.

    • This will undoubtedly be helpful for a lot of people. Still, this seems to be a bit… much? I highly doubt you’ll be able to avoid your ex forever – much less so in our modern world filled with social media. Maturing would be a better option, in my opinion. Relationships usually fail – it’s not the end of the world

    • Such a brilliant idea, it just goes to show the people who make Facebook happen actually care about the people that use their site. Sometimes it’s too painful to delete someone who just yesterday was a major part of your life so this is great.
      Some couples break up and try to stay friends but if it’s too painful to see their face every time you log on but you can’t bring yourself to delete them (because friends) then this feature, which I’m sure can probably be reversed when needed is the best way to handle the situation.

    • I wish I had’ve known about this earlier! It’s terrible having to see constant updates from your ex, but you don’t want to completely unfriend them – that would make you look bitter. But you also don’t want to see them having fun and dealing with things better than you either.
      In the digital age where we can’t hide as easily, this is a great feature, and something that needed to be added.

    • Gonna have to agree with Chelsea here. It seems a bit.. sad. Mature adults should be able to still see each other social media after they break up. When I left my husband (for many, many a reason) I decided I didn’t want to see his posts anymore so I unfriended him. There’s nothing “Basic b*tch” about that. It’s called moving on.

    • Most women I know would actually want to keep receiving details about their x on facebook. It’s our nature to want to know what he’s getting up to and who he’s getting up to it with. Think fb doing this on our behalf is a bit much, we always have the option to ‘unfollow’ if we wish.

    • I didn’t realize you could do this through Facebook. That’s a really nice feature. For all the benefits social media gives us, I also find that it makes life harder if you’re having problems with a particular person. If all of your friends are linked to that person it’s difficult to avoid them while staying in touch with everybody else. I’ve ended up feeling pushed out of entire friendship groups in the past because of having issues with some of the boys in them. I’ve also been on the other side in that I was the new partner of somebody who’s ex hadn’t moved on yet. I hadn’t done anything wrong as they had already been apart for a while, but they left comments on pictures of me; Pictures that I hadn’t even put up myself. It’d be nice to be able to try and avoid this type of thing from happening, as I was still feeling delicate after my previous bad relationship and could have done without the aggravation.

    • This isn’t anything you couldn’t do before on Facebook. You always have the option to “unsubscribe” from a friend and that way you don’t see their posts but don’t have to unfriend or block them. If you don’t want them to see your posts, just change your posts privacy options and put their name on the blocked list. I suppose it’s nice that Facebook has offered this option for those changing their relationship status, but it’s nothing new – just conveniently packaged.

    • Strangely, I’ve never heard about this. I do think that it would be useful, though. I personally hate when I’m looking through the “posts from this day” on other years and see posts I was tagged in by people I’m no longer friends with. No, Facebook, I don’t need to see posts by someone who I broke up with five years ago and defriended on your site. Thank you, though!

    • Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I had no idea about this, and it’s probably because I’m 22 and haven’t had a relationship since junior & senior year of high school. But I guess I’ll share this info with my friends that do have a boyfriend or a husband so they will know ahead of time if they ever need it!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Honestly, I think hiding posts would make it worse. I mean, if you want to continue being a friend with that person, what’s the sense in barring contact completely? I can understand if that person was abusive or if the break-up was violent…but wouldn’t it just be wiser to delete and block that individual?

      I’m glad I’m single and don’t have to worry about FB drama. Lol.

    • Facebook is a little bit over manipulating this whole relationships thing. I just want to know one thing – only one – why the 9 people on my friend’s tab appears the way it appears, who are they? Why are they there? Are they the ones looking at my page or something else? Tell me.

    • This is amazing, way to go Facebook, although I have to ask, say your friends or his friends whom you’ve be-friended on Facebook, inquire or are overly inquisitive about your break-up or post pictures of themselves with your ex doing fun things while on your side, you are ‘wallowing in a dark abyss’… I guess in such times its best to just log out than stand in the ‘rain’.

  • Have you ever tried to have โ€œthe talkโ€ with your abuela? For many generations, grandmothers have been the matriarchs of every Latino family. What they say goes. But what happens when you hint to a con […]

    • That episode was indeed one of the hilarious episodes I saw on Jane the Virgin. I didn’t have a close relationship with my grandmothers on either side of the family, so I could only imagine to my chagrin if I had this conversation with either of my grandmother.
      Jane’s abuela is so endearing and I love how she tries to impart lessons to her granddaughter.

    • She’s without a doubt my favourite abuela. Loved her in Switched at Birth as well – she seems like such a kind person. I hope she’ll be on tv more often, she definitely deserves it!

    • I love this show! Especially Jane’s abuela. It’s so funny how dramatic she makes losing your virginity seem, but it worked to keep Jane celibate! If it was my grandma she would’ve just beat my butt until I learned!

    • Haha, I thought this scene was hilarious!! I can’t imagine either of my grandma’s ever talking to me about anything even close to sex-ed; they certainly never did. Thankfully, my mom was there to do that for me (which of course can still be quite uncomfortable LOL. Certainly makes for very entertaining television!

  • If you are reading this story, odds are at least one person in your life is freaking out about โ€œ25โ€ right now. The new Adele album, released Friday, comes more than four years after her record-setting sop […]

    • It does not surprise me one bit how well this album did. “Hello” brought both me and my big burly boyfriend to tears. She deserves to have all that success! I feel like she has transcended other popular music because she has barely had to use social media or anything to be successful… just pure, raw talent!

    • I’m not much of an Adele fan as I like alternative rock as a genre. Anyhow, so while reading this article I hit over YouTube to listen to her songs. Haha, apparently some of the songs that I like are apparently hers. Her tone is definitely not alternative rock, but there’s the quality of the her voice that’s just exceptional. I say this because her tone is truly different from other singers popular these days.

    • I first fell in love with Adele’s soulful voice when she sang chasing pavements. I knew this young woman would be something great. She has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with, she took the music world by storm. She got six Grammy’s and counting. Her music soared to the top of the charts on various billboards. She is a remarkable singer and I just love the way she sings. She really knows how to tell a story, she makes you feel every line.

    • Great article! Well, I am a classical fan and I have to say that I don’t listen pop music so much. I do know who Adele is. Her new song “Hello” is just amazing. She is successful because her music is thoughtful and nice to listen.

    • Coming back from a long break and going straight to the top with that sultry record …Hello!…Yes, Adele has got me at Hello…What an addictive tune but I try not to sing like her…oh well, I can’t compete :)…Congratulations in tow to you Adele…unique voice you’ve got there ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BBC news reporter Graham Satchell broke down on camera while broadcasting live from the streets of Paris. Satchell was in Paris to cover the aftermath of the deadly attacks that claimed 129 lives and injured […]

  • EDISON — Two school bus workers have been charged with leaving an autistic six-year-old boy on their bus for more than seven hours earlier this month, Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey announced Friday. […]

    • Poor child. How can anybody be so mean?

      I’m just wondering why didn’t they just leave him at his school instead of ignoring him and leave him on the bus.
      I would have been pretty simple and they would have avoided being convicted and probably loosing their job.

  • Oh I love Minecraft! Great teaching tool. But we also turned Walt Disney World into homeschool for a week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yes, I thought it was borderline, but landed on the more funny than racist side. I laughed because I totally know people exactly like this!

    • I am admittedly, not the most tech savvy person I know. My son mocks me regularly about my limited technological abilities. I love all the advancements and apps that are being created. There will be pros and cons, I’m sure. But that’s what I have my son for hahaha.

      He took to technology like a duck to water and that was 25 yrs ago, when he first went to preschool. NOW…?! A child can come home from a day in grade school and have a business up and running before bedtime… It’s amazing and mind boggling.

      I think all the possibilities and potential for continued advancement are great!

    • As people of the tech-savvy generation, we spend so much time on our electronic devices, whiling our time away for no reason. Kudos to you for highlighting these apps that are actually productive in their usage! It really does mean a lot.

    • I’m tech savvy, but have never heard of these apps before. I have no children so that may be why i didn’t look into things like that. I’m a huge kid at heart, so this inspires me to go check them out. I may end up having fun with these apps. I have not used any educational apps, never in my life. There are way too many distractions. Other apps that can kill brain cells, but we are mostly attracted to them. We are attracted to things that are not good for us. I had no idea that such apps existed. Thanks for the heads up. I will try them.

    • I follow a homeschooling blog regularly and one of the apps she often mentions and sings the praises of is Dragonbox, which is a game that “secretly teaches algebra”. For those interested, here is the link:

      I’m also surprised that Minecraft isn’t mentioned, although I can see how some people might not recognize the educational applications of it and might see it as “just a game”. There are tons of parents and kids who swear by its educational concepts such as circuit building, logic, architecture, and art. There’s a lot to be learned from it especially if it can be integrated into another curriculum.

    • Thank you for this blog post! I am constantly looking for education apps just like these and I only had about 10% of them already! Thanks again.

    • I really love the idea of spending more of the free time we waste on our phones during the off hours of the day between tasks and commutes doing something productive like educating ourselves and others instead of just wasting them on brainless games like Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds.

      I know quite a few people who have children that would get totally into those apps and help their development. I’m also going to check out “DragonBox” like the person above me mentioned. Sounds great!

    • I suppose that I am a digi-traditionalist. The Google search is how I learn anything currently. I would be nice if there was a bit more diversity in search engines, but Google crushed almost all competition. I’m waiting for Google Nation, a real-live country owned by Google to be developed… it’s coming, believe it. Heh, they’re more prolific than Hello Kitty and that chick has everything.

    • Even though my iPhone got broke in the past days, these apps seems very interesting. I was looking for more educational apps, and this article seems to be exactly what I needed.

    • Google is one of the best educational apps on Iphone? thats interesting, I wonder why Apple doesn’t have their ow search engine Giant, Windows has there’s and Google, when will apple enter the game

      • Google is a great app all around. I have owned both Apple and Android and in my opinion the google search app is amazing. You can definitely learn anything and the Google Now feature is way more accurate than Siri.

    • My favorite education application would be Duolingo. It helps me so much with my Spanish since I am not currently taking any Spanish classes. I love that there are more and more education apps being introduced to smart phones because technology is so essential to learning and capturing interest these days.

      • Duolingo is probably the best app ever created in my opinion. I have to download it again and start it back up but I was learning so quickly and easily I loved it. I would definitely recommend that app to anyone who is interested in learning a new language. It is easy and a little fun as well.

    • I’ve never heard of any of these. I’ve actually been looking for an app to help me with phonemes if anyone has any suggestions!

    • Honestly, if even HALF of the stuff that’s available today when I was in school, I’d be a genius right now. I’m amazed at the stuff that wasn’t allowed in the classrooms are now what people use IN the classrooms. Makes me wonder would else to expect in the future. Hopefully, more good will come of these devices even more so in the future! Maybe cutting class time learning in half?

    • Most of those are a really good idea. I love Explain Everything and Book Creator. However, I really don’t see what twitter is doing in the list here. It almost seems like a joke… I mean, what is twitter teaching? How to write in text language? How not to write correctly and properly? Or maybe is it a course in bullying? Because there sure is a lot of that going on there…

    • I like this list! I’ve used Evernote and it’s proven to be extremely useful, especially as a college student and my life is a mess. I didn’t realize there were so many hidden gems in the app store! However, for some reason the dictionary app requires an internet connection. Kind of annoying when I don’t have signal. Sigh, but the other apps were really useful. Thanks!

    • Hmmm… this is definitely a work of creative writing. But I feel it is racially / culturally biased and makes assumption on being based on their race or culture alone. Just my two cents. Just because someone if of a certain race or culture doesn’t mean they will act a certain way. I don’t think this is extremely racist, but could be offensive to many. Just my thoughts.

      • Yes, I thought it was borderline, but landed on the more funny than racist side. I laughed because I totally know people exactly like this!

        • I agree with you that this is more funny than racist. Of course this article is not saying that ALL Americans do this, or ALL Italians do that, it is speaking in generalizations, I guess the word word be. Funny and pretty informative actually.

          • I agree… This is not racist at all. I am a Canadian, and a french canadian at that, and I did not take any offense there. And I mean, towards who could that be racist and from who? Even Americans are mocked here, and in my eye, they are mocked more than the other countries, so it’s more like laughing at one’s self than racism or discrimination. Sometimes, people just want to see offense everywhere, even where there really is nothing to be offensed about.

    • This was freaking hysterical! People need to learn to take a joke. It is still possible to laugh at stereotypes without being offensive. The USA, German, and French are so true! Those French chopped of the king’s head—the king ordained by God. What do you think they will do to lying politicians?

    • I love how the Japanese and German versions of bovine engineering actually somehow reflect the sort of improvements that both nations often strive for. The Japanese are obsessed with efficiency and miniaturization, perhaps a manifestation of the space-saving culture endemic to their society. The German cow on the other hand seems to represent the German valuation of durability and automation.

    • I was searching for articles under Finance, and ‘lo and behold, I found this one! I initially didn’t think I’ll dig the article because I’ve forgotten my university lessons on capitalism. But man this is anything but the serious capitalism discussion. I truly had a good laugh! My top 3 best laughs are definitely 1) The Swiss 2) The Chinese 3) Japanese.

      Awesome post! I’d wish there’s a SHARE button to post on FB, hehe…

      • oopps, my bad. there is an FB share button. got too excited, i went directly to the reply box and skipped the share buttons.

    • That is hysterical! If I was a teacher I would seriously use this in the class room to lighten the mood an also get people thinking in a more creative way about the subject. I love how well they described how it goes in America with the wealthy who somehow get so much wealthier. I would say that is pretty accurate.

    • What a wonderful and bovine explanation of capitalism! The Russian one had me laughing out loud. I was actually curious about the Canadian capitalism and was disappointed on its jab at the culture itself.
      Really funny article though, thanks for sharing!

    • When I was young, a hundred years ago or more, there was an email circular explaining all forms of government with cows which I always found hilarious. I’ve had a google and it’s here:

      Maybe it’s because it’s tax form time here, but I liked:

      Bureaucracy: You have two cows. At first the government regulates what you can feed them and when you can milk them. Then it pays you not to milk them. After that it takes both, shoots one, milks the other, and pours the milk down the drain. Then it requires you to fill out forms accounting for the missing cows.

    • You know, I really liked this article. It “broke things down” into nice manageable pieces. I’ve lived in cities where there is a wide variety of various types of trade going on, and reading this article has helped me to understand certain things better, believe it or not.

      Some people “get” worldwide finances, so of us do not. This wrapped things up neatly.
      Of course not saying that all people living in a certain country do the same thing.

    • I think the whole capitalist thing with Germany was funny. 100 years of longevity for those cows is a long time lol. I just think that the author of this article wanted to make people laugh.

    • I thought the British mad cows was the best one. I actually laughed out loud. The others were great to, but the British joke was on the inside.

    • Very funny and my favorite was the Russian version. The American version is spot on as well.

    • Hmm, so it seems that ultimate cowpitalism would be found if German and Japanese engineering departments got together to make a 1/10th height cow and bull that both live 100 years and produces the milk of twenty cows (Yes, even the bull)… then breed them prolifically and store 5000 of them with the Swiss for safe keeping.

      • This might be the best thing I’ve ever read, and I’ve read several Steven King novels and G R R Martin novels too

    • This seems like a unique approach on an old matter. The article seems to have a bit of racism, but I think that it’s only for fun’s sake.

    • Well, I thought it was pretty funny! Sure, it draws upon stereotypes and it may be a little bit racist, but the I think the way to dispel hate is to have laugh at ourselves. Consider it to be satire. If you’re teaching students and know they’re open-minded, this may be a good way to introduce to internation current events as well.

    • Jamaican Capitalism

      You have two cows, but they aren’t your cows, they are your master’s cows and you feed and care and milk the cows, but the master takes all the milk and sells it and keeps all the profit, till he gets rich and buys younger cows with more milk, thanks to the two cows that you raised and cared for and milked, then he “sets you free” with the old cows who hardly produce any milk at all anymore, when you fail to make a living he lends you money knowing full well you don’t have the means to pay him back, then he sends the Internal Milking Farmers to “help” you, but they just make things worse.

      • more like having two cows and taking care of them and having to buy the milk for an outrageous price and when you complain the cows are taken away from you and you are banned from milk!

    • Thank you. I needed that chuckle. I loved that article. Capitalism should be as simple as the first written paragraph. The milk rights sentence made me howl with laughter.

    • Oh great Lord, I don’t think I have ever found economics so amusing before!
      The American one was so true, and so was the swedish, about actually having nothing but charging everyone for storage. Nope, no one is pointing at you great banks of Swidzerland…
      I just loved the last one… “that one is kind of cute”…. So true.
      I hope to find more articles like this on here, because the was actually really fun, and in a way, educational.

    • This is absolutely hilarious, and to think that i was hesitant in reading the article because i suspected some boring financial conversation about something that i would not understand any at all.

    • This is hilarious and a pretty accurate description of capitalism around the world, at least what I know of it. I know for certain the American one was accurate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • !– TO HIDE THE DATE, change show_date=true below to show_date=false —
    !– TO HIDE THE FIRST IMAGE, change show_first_image=true below to show_first_image=false —

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A New York doctor with […]
    • Glad to see that this doctor is doing okay, and that she has been able to be reunited with her dog, unlike others who have had to have their dog killed when it was discovered that the owner had ebola.

      Hopefully Doctors in the US will announce that there is a “cure” for ebola and this terrible disease can become a concern of the past, like polio.Things seem to be on the right track for that to happen.

    • Its good that the doctor is okay and has been recuperating. The doctors were on the front lines knowing what the risk were. I mean the Ebola disease can only be obtained by other peoples saliva or other forms of bodily fluids. I think we would find a cure but it might be a while.

    • This shows that early detection can result in a fast recovery, so quarantine measures for people from affected countries could save their lives. As the New York doctor had symptoms which he ignored for weeks, it could be the difference between life and death. One has to choose between sacrificing liberty for a a few weeks and death and the choice should be obvious.

    • Its good that the doctor is okay and has been recuperating Hopefully Doctors in the US will announce that there is a โ€œcureโ€ for ebola and this terrible disease can become a concern of the past, we have the best technology and best doctors big faith ..

    • So glad to hear he recovered fully. I went to Columbia University, and it was unsettling thinking about the virus being in the area, amongst all of my loved ones… It’s a big reality check for how so many in the affected countries must be feeling on a daily basis. Now we need this level of care over there.

    • Ebola can be a frightening thing, but I find it interesting that more people die from common influenza each year than have died from Ebola, in like.. ever.

      • Well that really is the major point that people miss. I really think that the ebola outbreak is nonsense. It’s flu season now the symptoms are the same as the beginning of the common cold. If they allow all of these people into the country with ebola and don’t care about their own families. I just think its something to create fear and make people go for shots; health care and so forth. It is true that more people die from influenza and there is nothing said about that, at all. This girl looks really healthy to me. If she had just been really sick with a life threatening disease that she would look a little out of it.

    • From where I’m standing these are totally great news. It’s nice to see people recuperating from such a terrible disease.

    • Happy to hear that there’s at least some good news instead of it all being bad.

      However, I’m still lost on one aspect of this article. If it stated how bad Ebola is spreading in West Africa and the rate that it kills at, how come it isn’t bad here? I keep hearing mixed things on this topic, one of them being that it’s actually killed 7,000 people hear. With different new sources saying different tales from it being only received from bodily fluids to it spreading like wildfire numbers and practically many people contracting it, it’s hard to know what to believe.

    • This is such a hard and complicated situation… I would not want to be one who has to take all the responsabilities and decisions. On one side, you have all the population who is very near panicking, and on the other, you have everyone who is against mendatory quarantine. If you look at in one way, you can realise that it’s unfair to be “punished” because you went in a foreign country to help sick people, but if you look at it in another angle, can you really take the risk to brign this mortal illness to yet another country? Complicated situation indeed.
      p.s: That dog is so cute, I want one ๐Ÿ™

    • It is good to know that there seem to be some sense of calm as it relates to the Ebola outbreak. To have Persons recovering should in fact be the main goal of all administrations within a country and i am happy to see this news article.

      A few weeks ago just the appearance of the word Ebola and along comes the expectation of seeing and hearing the numbers of death and the names of some of the latest victims, it was all going down a downward slope.

      Thanks for giving us hope with this and showing the more positive things associated with the disease.

    • I know what it is like to be reunited with a long lost pet, it must be a similar feeling. It is good to know that they are both in good health and pull though this ordeal.

    • I can just imagine the emotional ordeal that she endured. It cannot be over for her emotionally, knowing that you came this close…she must feel like an angel at this point in her life. I would just giving thanks none stop right now, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

    • Hurrah! I’m so glad she got better. I can’t imagine what it’s like to contract this disease, considering how deadly it is. In recent news, apparently a vaccine has been developed for Ebola and it’s showing results! I’m so glad we have such talented and hard-working doctors in this world.

  • !– TO HIDE THE DATE, change show_date=true below to show_date=false —
    !– TO HIDE THE FIRST IMAGE, change show_first_image=true below to show_first_image=false —

    Sir Richard Branson’s space tourism company […]
    • It is worrying that three top exectutives, including the one in charge of safety, have left the company in the last year. I don’t think we should put the blame on Branson personally – after all he is booked to go on the first flight with his children, so I can’t see him taking any chances with safety. If safety warnings are not being taken seriously, these are more likely to be blocked by the developers who think they know best, or those who have the most to gain financially when the first flight takes place.

    • This is absolutely preposterous! Everyone is already on edge, looking to ruin Richard Branson for the death and injury he has caused with this ill-fated venture, but the fact that he had prior knowledge of the craft’s shortcomings definitely puts all the blame on him… He is turning from the champion of the common man into their banes… A true shame!

    • I really think they have to take a step back and really invest in the safty of this issue. I can appreciate the concept, support the dream and I would love to be able to trust in something of this capacity but it’s insane the level of blame that has come upon Mr. Branson. I’ve always admired him for his forward thinking and teh fact that he wants to step outside of the box to do the undoable. I appreciate the conecept but I think this may be something that has to go back to the drawing board.

    • Science and technology are fields where things can go wrong. It’s unfortunate this happened, but people look for blame and the best thing to do is wait for the investigation to determine what did happen.

      Safety warnings aside, accidents can happen when everything appears perfect. All they can do now is learn from it, however all travel whether it is a train, car or plane carries risks. They all have to be tested and this carries risks and all involved are aware of this.

    • That is not acceptable. They should never send someone into danger if they know there are problems with the design. You don’t send a human being to test something when they are almost certain to die if there is any problem at all. You have to test and retest and check everything with your computer models and do every possible experiment and test you can do without risking someone’s life till you are a sure as you can be that you have got it right.

      I personally do not think anyone should be trying to go into space just for the fun of it. It is just too dangerous, this whole thing really is foolish and unfortunately, if they continue to move forward with it, chances are a lot more people are going to die in accidents.

    • Given the number of disastrous issues that occurred with early NASA exploration attempts and the fact that even their obsessive focus on safety has still allowed tragedy to occur… you’d think that a company that doesn’t have as much governmental armor would take the time and effort to actually make sure their crap works in a safe and efficient manner before slapping a pilot in the pilot’s seat.

    • It is when I read articles like that that I really despise our society. Big, rich people will let people die, even when they know the risks, simply to get more money. They don’t want to risk loosing a dime, but a couple of lives ruin, that’s nothing right? It doesn’t matter.
      It angers me so much… Where is our society going!

    • If Mr. Branson did indeed know about this safety issue beforehand and yet pushed forward with this mission, then that is indeed a despicable act. We have gone through tragedies like this before, like the Challenger and Columbia disaster. This should not be happening again. The budget allocated for NASA is barely a fraction of the US GDP. Spaceflight should not be set back due to catastrophic safety issues. They should be fixed before anything happens.

  • Here’s to all those REAL Friends who make life so sweet, and make me pee just a little when laughing too hard for too long!

  • I’m clear enough now to be a 95%’er so yes, I still get chocolate every now and again. But for the most part I eat clean and stay in control. That was the one thing about eliminating the food allergies – I had to own all of my decisions. I had to own up to a poor life choice (who knows, you could be wild ride) and because I didn’t have that…[Read more]

  • Poor life choices was the #1 side affect. I’m much MUCH better now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Over the past 25 years, a disturbing trend of voter apathy has emerged. Now, Itโ€™s at a critical point that threatens the very foundation of what the United States of America is based on.

    Today, the general […]

    • Voting is not a fundamental right, to me. I think it is a duty. I can understand the jaded eye some turn toward the process, however. The recent gay marriage ban in North Carolina being rescinded by a judge is one such point.

      The people on the side of marriage being available to all people are rejoicing. While the people who actually went out and voted that only one man and one woman can be joined in the legal definition of marriage are angry that some ‘random guy in a dress’ as some put it, can overturn the will of the people.

      Personally, I don’t care who marries what or how many whats they marry. I’m just tired of having to choose between candidates who think the best way to campaign is to badmouth their opponent.. Kay Hagan and tom Thillis are a good example. The way the attack ads go, it makes them both look like garbage. Who wants to vote for garbage?

    • I agree that voter apathy is a serious issue. I would like to vote for the candidates who represent my views…the issue is, I do not know who those candidates were. I wish there was some easy way to see what candidates stood for. Whenever I hear campaign speeches, they are filled with meaningless motivational messages and little content. Also, I do not have much time to follow politics. I do not understand many of the issues. I wish there was an ‘explain like I’m five’ explanation for each political issue, what candidates were on each side, all for your area. That would make it much easier for people to vote. I feel like many voters are simply uneducated and leave voting for those who actually understand. There’s no point in voting randomly, after all.

    • I am aware that there are some people who fail to vote because they say there is no political party representing their views, or that they simply have no interest in politics. Yet, those are the sort of people constantly complaining about taxes, public transit systems, lack of available jobs etc, which are, of course, all political issues.

      People have the right not to vote if they don’t want to, but I do feel that I must vote or else I shall have no reason to complain when the opposition wins a majority.

    • That is true. I know lots of people fought to get the right to vote. Some people will say that it doesn’t matter and the candidates that are preselected anyway. This would seem like the main goals of each person are the same, while the details are a little different. Maybe one might implement some things that another wouldn’t. When it comes changing or progressing in life. we have to vote those changes into existence. The more we say that voting doesn’t count and then forfeit that right, more decisions will be made without us.

    • For me it’s not really apathy as much as it is feeling like I can’t even vote FOR someone when I look through a voters guide and see candidate after candidate with darkness in their eyes. I feel our whole government is so full of corruption at this point our elections are not really fair, many of them I do think are being tampered with or rigged on some level.

      Also, my state has had vote by mail sine before I was of age, so I only know how it is done by mail, but we are supposed to have voter secrecy, yet we have to sign the outer envelope that we put out ballot in. I feel like this means it is not really secret. It would be all to easy for someone to be recording what people’s votes are and storing that information for later use should the opportunity arise. I do not trust the government and I don’t see anyone running who I can say I am in favor of and support, so I don’t want to vote, I don’t want to be part of the system.

    • I really believe that the credibility of the voting process is part of the problem. When Gore/Bush’s decision went into Thanksgiving, then Bush was announced, that was the end of the trust. Sorry folks, but Gore won. There were so many unethical practices during that election, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’ll try though lol.

      First, Bush’s campaign manager was the head of the Florida state election board. How is that even possible? Because his brother was the Governor at the time. Next, the election board systematically removed blacks from voting by using names of convicted felons. The names were not cross referenced with identifiers such as birth dates. Some only used a first and last name. So if Mark Jones was a criminal, all the Mark Jones in the state were forbidden to vote. The NAACP was in full swing, but it did not matter.

      Now push that election aside, you have a bunch of politicians who must raise a combined total of $500 million to run for Congress, $400 million for Senate, and the last POTUS election cost $4.5 Billion. Who is donating that to them? Corporations! And what do corporations think they are getting in return? Favors. The entire system is corrupt, from the ballot box to the State of the Union.

  • Imagine the scariest roller coaster in the world, the kind that takes you super high and then plummets at top speed two seconds later. As you climb to the top, the hair on the back of your neck stands up and your […]

    • I am glad to read that you have figured yourself out. Food allergies that make you want to hook up with the kind of guy who might sell you into white slavery… now that’s something to think about! (Yes, I applied my own personal logic based on what I read. ha ha)

    • I’m glad to hear that, though moderately saddened. I can be an excellent poor life choice. Are you sure you don’t want a little chocolate.. the first taste is free! ๐Ÿ˜›

      … setting aside my sad (and potentially creepy) attempt at witty banter, I really am glad to read that you are able to get off the chocolate pony and ride into a better sunset.

      • I’m clear enough now to be a 95%’er so yes, I still get chocolate every now and again. But for the most part I eat clean and stay in control. That was the one thing about eliminating the food allergies – I had to own all of my decisions. I had to own up to a poor life choice (who knows, you could be wild ride) and because I didn’t have that carefree excuse, I don’t go wild anymore. I actually tried to recapture that “hussy” like attitude but I just can’t get there. I don’t know if that means I’m old, or just sane. Both translate to a little bit boring. ๐Ÿ™

    • I don’t think that would make you ‘boring’ so much as ‘worthwhile’. Don’t fret! I’m sure if the right person comes along you can be a truly remarkable hussy! ๐Ÿ™‚

      … also that sounded like a compliment to me when I ran it through my mental editor…so.. yeah. lol.

    • I have battled with food addictions and chemical imbalances that trigger mood swings, and receptors being blocked by caffeine…The one thing I still haven’t brought myself to fully give up…so when I do have the swings and crazy thoughts I remind myself that if I give up the coffee this won’t be an issue…and then I run over to Tim’s the next day and grab a dark roast anyways… I manage it enough to be able to function in a relationship, I can’t say we don’t fight, but we are quick to settle our differences and move on.

    • Ha, we have the same initials. It’s amazing that food allergies contributed to your emotional ups and downs, but when I think about it, it’s logical. If the chemicals in food can make us sleepy or hyper, or simulate the feeling of being in love, then it makes sense that they can have other effects.
      It’s good to hear that you got to the root of the problem and are enjoying a more peaceful life.

    • This is one of the reasons I want to become a full fledged vegan. My health and my emotions are constantly on a roller coaster and I knew it had something to do with my diet for years. I have cut a few things out of my diet and that seems to help a little but there are still some things I need to change. I know once I do, I will feel so much better about myself. Especially after having 3 kids, my self esteem hit an all time low. But I’m slowly but steadily building my confidence back up.

    • I think we are all like that. It is a matter of maturing. That is what women blossoming into womanhood is really all about. Learning from mistakes, finding who and what you are, deciding the people that add to the quality of your life. Some people actually grow up, and some people stay lost selfish kids with no self esteem forever. I’m glad things worked out for you.

    • This article is very interesting to me because I have a friend who is “one of those women”, but I just thought that she’s likes the sex, to be honest about it. But maybe she could be suffering from a food allergy. It’s humbling to think so. All this time I’ve been thinking that she’s one way, when perhaps she may not be that way at all.

      I don’t know what kind of foods she eats on a regular basis. I know she loves to cook, she’s a definite “foodie”. She has a few extra pounds on her, but nothing extreme.
      Pointing her gently in the direction of this article might be able to help her.

    • This post is very enlightening! I have never considered food allergies to be a real deal. I would have thought that a person has his/her ups and downs for a variety of reasons, but food being the least of the culprits.

      What caught my attention were the foods you enumerated. I have a condition called adenomyosis (a uterine condition) and those you mentioned were the very ones I tried to avoid when my symptoms got worse, after reading online to check on my diet. Like you, I did feel more energetic after eliminating those foods. Unfortunately, my lack of self-control led me back to poor food choices. This post makes me think about what I’m doing to my own body. I should try to make the wise choice for myself again.

    • I had no idea that food allergies could cause emotional ups and downs. Thank you so much for this informative article! I’m so happy for you, that you found your true love, and are feeling the serenity you’ve always craved.

      • I am seriously surprise to know that food can impact one’s emotions in such a way. I am seriously wondering if i am affected by something internal when it comes to my emotions, there are times when i think i do not have any control over my relationship woes.

    • Wow this article was very informative. I never realized that food allergies could do something like that to someone. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    • Wow! This is quite an amazing story. It really makes you wonder how many people (including myself) are affected by food like this, and how much of our personalities are connected to our biochemistry. Really interesting article, thank you so much for sharing! They should make these allergy tests mandatory!

    • I have seen the benefits of food allergies although mostly just in physical form. It would make sense they can have other side effects on our moods and minds. I am glad to hear you have gotten this sorted out for yourself in your life.

    • Im glad to hear you’ve gotten to a better place now. This was actually sort of eye opening for me, since I’ve previously been really judgemental about the type of girl who would bounce around from man to man, never really being happy, and always picking the ones who were clearly wrong for them, but this has really helped me realize how stupid that is. I don’t know wether these girls have any problems outside of what I have always just percieved as “bad judgement”. I really need to stop being so judgemental :/

      • What you say here is very true. I admit that I also am like that, because, well, I caracterise them. I imagine that all the girls that bounce from man to man are like those girls from the popular clique in high school…And having been the victim of those girls, I can’t show compassion. I just need to realise that all those girls can’t be putted in the “mean girls basket”. I’ll also try to be less judgmental… I often judge myself for being to judgy which turns out to be really stupid… Do you do that @Miles?

        • Sure, I’m the master of doing exactly that. It’s a skill to realise when you’re being too judgemental, but it’s also a skill to see when your critiques are valid. I have the first one down, but I’m really struggling with the second.

    • When it comes about confidence is different for everyone in part, it’s great to see you figured yourself out and you sorted everything up. Probably every person is like that, with age there also comes a change in tastes, we find out who we are (or how we want to be) and a lot of things changes.

    • Wow… I am without words. This article was not what I was expecting. I mean I wasn’t expecting to fall on an article that would have such a string of light, of hope… I feel like this could be me. I got tested for allergies less than a year ago, but it wasn’t a big quantity of things that were tested either, as I got tested for a specific purpose (I am a vegetarian and I thought I had a soja allergy, which would have been tragic, so I had to be tested) so if I had an allergy to say chocolate, I would not know. I must say I kind of hope that I’ll get to check this out and find out that I am allergic to something. I know this sounds weird, but if anyone has ever been in hard situations like Ms. Ashley discribes, you know what I mean. It’d be so much easier, so much simpler, if I could just stop eating a few things and no longer have problems. I don’t have boys problems like discribed here, but this kind of reaction (particularly the worring and the wedding dress) is the kind that I’ll have, and I always am on a roller coaster of emotions. Always. I am happy exited, than stressed, sad and angry. I think I should talk to my doctor about this the next time I see her. I am probably going to print your article in fact, so thank you for speaking out. Even if it turns out it’s not like that for me, I think it’s important to raise awarness on that kind of things.

    • Wow! I never realized that food allergies could cause so much of a fluctuation. I mostly eat a low carb diet so no potatoes and bread and very little chocolate, but I might die without coffee! This post has made me decide to get my daughter tested for food allergies though as she has extreme mood swings, and more recently her belly swells up after eating. I am almost certain we are going to find something to this.

    • Love the article! I’ve been meaning to cut some unnecessary foods out of my life for while now, particularly caffeine. I’ve find myself to be quite dependent on that stuff since it’s been a rather stressful school year for me. I didn’t realize that cutting it could have so many positive results. Thanks for the article, and from now on, I’m definitely keeping in mind what I put into my body!

  • Organization is the key to getting any large project completed and thatโ€™s as true for movie production (big budget or independent) as it is for building a skyscraper or running a ship. Weโ€™re going to use the […]

    • So, basically an assistant director requires all of the qualities I lack. I am the anti-organization. If I were a fish in a school of fish.. I’d be the guy swimming backwards just because. Strange, the army didn’t quite work that out of my system. … on a side note, I always wondered what Star Trek: The Next Generation would have been like if Picard had Spock Instead of Riker. It’s a tangent, but still I do wonder.

    • My profession is to organize events and shows and yes I always have the worst-case scenario and plans B and C, yet I never let on. That’s my job, sometimes I can be seen as ruthless because I need thing done without having to explain myself or others want something, but can’t understand why logistically.

      I would say that running things isn’t like quite like a boot camp, but people will listen and do things because they trust you. There are times you need to sweet talk people or convince them you are doing them a favor, because that’s how the game is played. I’m fortunate that staff trust me and do as I say, yes there are tensions, but from those who envy my position rather than anything else. Keeping a firm hand and authority is important, but understanding and listening is too.

    • I canโ€™t even think of something I would remotely like doing as much as fashion design. It took me awhile to come to terms with it. I always liked the red carpet aspect of fashion but when I started to research it I learned it was also about all the things I loved: art, history, and individuality. It blew my mind seeing designers, fashion bloggers, people on the streets taking things from art, history, and pop culture that they love and making them into wearable art. I always liked fashion but thatโ€™s when I really fell in love with it.
      Thatโ€™s when I knew I wanted to make clothes that were going to speak to people and become a part of their life. A sexy dress that matches with everything, the perfect jeans you had for years, that skirt your wore on your first date with the man you were destined to spend the rest of your life with. This is why I believe I should be a designer who establishes my own website, then a boutique.

    • Peter Jackson gives you a glimpse into this in the “behind the scenes” footage on the extended versions of the LOTR movie’s and the first Hobbit movie. I’m sure there will be lots more good stuff on the extended versions of the 2nd and 3rd when they are released. I have really enjoyed getting to know about how a film is put together and “meeting” so many of the people involved. It’s such a huge project, I know I don’t have the skills to organize something like that, but it would be fun to be somewhere on the team.

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