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  • Adrianna posted an update in the group Group logo of Health and WellnessHealth and Wellness 2 years, 5 months ago

    Ok so I found another good one. This is a supplement for weight loss. It looks really looks like it works well. Foeskolin extract it comes in a capsule form. I watched videos and write ups. It is an Ayruvedic medicine for centuries that was used for anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. A lot of great health benefits. In combination with a healthy diet and exercise this will ignite the metabolism. It promotes thermogenesis and a fast metabolism. Especially belly fat and stubborn stored fat. I think this one is going to do a lot quickly.

    • Today I worked out for something like 3 or 4 hours. Somebody asked me a few years ago if I was a triathlete. It is the only way to get results. I lift weights for awhile and then I do 1 hour 45 minutes on the treadmill. I use leg weights and arm weights. I trimmed off 4 sizes in a month doing this a few years ago. The reason being a woman does not start burning off fat until after 20 minutes. If you stop for one second it’s back to square one. You are not burning fat any longer. You will consider anything after the 20 your fat burning time. So I like to do almost two hours. It works. You get ripped. Especially the tummy.

      • It sucks when you do not have this sort of time at your leisure though. The best thing to help with metabolism and fat burning is as soon as you wake up put some food in your mouth! What I like to do is I like to keep a jar of peanuts and a bottled water by my bed side. As soon as I wake up, even if I’m not fully awake I sit up and pop a small handful of nuts in my mouth, and jug some water before I flop back down and try to wake up fully. The important key to losing weight and no over-doing it and burning your metabolism is eating as soon is kickstarting your metabolism before you have breakfast! usually I will wake up get dressed make the bed, take care of grandpa clean up whatever I didn’t do last night (lol) then have breakfast. 30 minutes after I wake up and my metabolism is already going before I ate some nuts and drank some water. It’s a good method!