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Light My Fire TinderSticks

Light My Fire TinderSticks

  • All natural, high-resin content fat wood.
  • Lights even when wet.
  • Easy to light and produces an extremely hot flame.
  • Each package contains around 6 sticks.

Fire building made easy, the pure and natural way. Don’t build your fire with noxious fumes or harmful chemicals. Use the time-honored, organic method. A technique that resembles the centuries-old art of the native fire-builder. From the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire comes the remarkable product known as TinderDust. TinderDust is made from Pino de Ocote, a fatwood pine cultivated in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico. With the 80% resin content, TinderDust is easy to light, and produces an extremely hot flame. Use just a pinch to quickly light your fire or barbecue.

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Tinder-Quik 10 pack (1 packet)

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