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JSO Recognized As Social Media Leader

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The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was named fifth Most Social Media Friendly Police Department, ahead of agencies such as the New York Police Department (JSO Recognized As Social Media Leader:…

Adryenn Ashley‘s insight:

Law Enforcement should be more social media friendly! I was raised to believe that the police are here to protect and serve ME! Not everyone feels that way and in an age where everyone can feel a little threatened, it’s nice to see a Sherriff’s office aiming to regain some of that small town familiarity with it’s citizens.

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Adryenn Ashley

Mediagenic producer transforming the way you watch #SocialTV into a fully interactive immersive experience.

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One Comment

  1. Profile photo of Scott
    October 29, 2014

    It’s great that a police department is social media friendly and willing to reach out to the local populace more. Though, the serve and protect line doesn’t mean much to me since the supreme court ruling some years back. When the supreme court rules that police do not have a requirement to actually protect you, it sort of made their serve and protect line into a lie, for me.


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