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Innovation – What do you dream of?

Nano Garden by Hyundai

Nano Garden by Hyundai

When I first ran across this gem I instantly wanted it for my dream kitchen. What does this have to do with entrepreneurship? This is an example of ingenuity, solving a problem and brilliance in design.  With the outbreak of e.Coli all over Europe, people were more worried about where their food was coming from. Now they can easily grow their own. While the Nano Garden is reasonalbe sized, it i smore suited to the lavish McMansions of the US, than the tiny residences of Europe.

Nano Garden is a vegetable garden for the apartment kitchen, using hydroponics, so users don’t need to worry about pesticides or fertilizers. Instead of the sunlight, Nano Garden has lighting which promotes the growth of plants. The amount of light, water and nutrient supply is also controllable, so users can decide the growth speed. It lets users know when to provide water or nutrients to the plants, and Nano Garden functions as a natural air purifier, eliminating unpleasant smells.

Credits: Hyunjung Lee, Jaeyong Park, Changjin Shon and Seulki Park of Hyundai Engineering & Construction (South Korea), and Ill-woong Kwon of Gromo (South Korea)

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