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  • Genevia Cameron posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hi everyone , this relates to relationships. I have a friend and no it’s not me, that has an issue with online dating. This friend has expressed and interest and possibly starting her own site, creating her own brand, and overall taking control of her life. The problem with this particular friend is that she gets caught up in trying to become so…[Read more]

  • Alex posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hey, what is everyone’s favorite part of being in a relationship? For me, it’s knowing that someone out there is in my corner no matter what. Having someone who will always stick up for you, love you and be there for you is the most comforting thing…
    What do you think?

    • Hi Alex,
      for me the best part of my marriage is having a life partner arround, for all the ups and downs. I honestly dont know what my life would be without him. He understands me and knows me like nobody else, we know each other’s body language and facial expressions, we know what will make the other person happy and avoid things that make them…[Read more]

  • Adrianna posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 2 years, 5 months ago

    Relationships what a topic. I’ve been in love more than once or twice. The perplexing one is when you are with someone, a man, who you realize has never been in love before. Tragic for them to have gone more than 35 or 40 years without this. I almost don’t know what to do with someone like this.

    • Some people just don’t find their person for a long time. I know a very beautiful and fun woman who has always been the one men fall in love with. Relationships were easy to find for her, because every man who came into contact with her wanted her. Because companionship was so easy, I don’t know that she’s ever truly been in love, and that’s sad.…[Read more]

  • Nikkishea posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 2 years, 6 months ago

    Can there be happiness with a married man? My lifetime friend is involved with a married man and she says it is the happiest she has ever been. I am single and choose to be looking for my Mr. Right to come along and she is saying go get yourself a married man, they are the best. I know this is simply absurd in my case because just knowing that he…[Read more]

    • While I do believe happiness can be achieved with a married man, In my opinion it’s far from being the perfect relationship. I personally find that it would have to many unstable situations on both parts for it to work. For example, like yourself, I couldn’t bare the though of him being with he’s wife or the fact that we have to maintain a certain…[Read more]

      • I have to concur with Cristina.
        Personally speaking, I wouldn’t get involved with a person if they were already spoken for.

        What would be the point of going out with someone that’s taken? Are you doing it for the sex? If so, you could just have sex with someone from a bar. Are they doing it for the risk factor? Why not simply do the deed in a…[Read more]

      • Yes there will come a time when you will definitely want more because you will feel limited in some way. I tend to look at it from the man’s perspective and i ask myself why would he want to be with me and keep his wife at the same time…having his cake and eating it. If he loves me so much why cant he then leave his wife or if he loves his wife…[Read more]

    • I wouldn’t judge anyone, but before I even answer the question you posed; I personally wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing I run the risk of breaking up a family. I would never date someone in a relationship with someone else let alone a married man. I wouldn’t want it done to me, so why do it to someone else? Now to address your question,…[Read more]

    • It is by far not something that you should go looking for but who you love I do not feel can be helped. So yes I believe you can be happy with that man. The problem comes with his marital status, and you may find your unhappiness with that too much to bear eventually.

    • I once dated a man who married someone else when he was with me. When I learn about it, I was so angry but remained in the relationship. I thought that I was very advantaged to be with him without committing myself. Over the years I become so unhappy that I ended the relationship. I learned a very good lesson, never be with a married man, he is…[Read more]

      • Wow Muthoni, he was very cruel! You didn’t do anything wrong, so no need to beat yourself up. But I totally agree with you, married men who seek affairs will say anything to have their cake and eat it. The same thing goes for people in relationships; personally I wouldn’t go there to protect my heart!

    • First of all, I think it is wrong to be with someone who is taken. If the person you are sharing your life with sleeps with someone else, think about how that hurts you. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone else’s pain. I know you can’t help who you love, but if you have fallen in love with someone who is married you should probably…[Read more]

  • jessica posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 2 years, 6 months ago

    Hey all, I believe the key to finding the right person for you is to make a list of all the things you are looking for in a person. Include all the things you’ll except and not tolerate. It should be in detail so much to the point were you are actually creating the person from their look to their character; much like creating a sim. You shouldn’t…[Read more]

    • I have a top ten list but it can be revisited based on the importance of the listed attributes. Time is running out but i am not going to short change myself, top 6 will cut it for me at this time from my list of 10 but not below that..

    • First thing I found out about jessica, she likes the sims, you get bonus points in my book. Just had to say that.

      Secondly, she’s right. I’ve done this trick in high school and wrote front and back all the aspects that I wanted in a guy. It may be a bit childish, but I also put the list under my pillow before going to bed to dream about it. (I…[Read more]

    • I agree with this in the sense that it is a good idea to get to know who you are what you like, and what you are looking for. Also keep in mind that some things on the list should not be deal breakers. If you go looking for one person to fulfill every item on the list you may end up alone.

    • I agree with you that you should know what you are looking for in a person before going out into the dating world. That said people may surprise you when you find yourself falling in love with a person you only thought was a good friend or a good person for that matter. Men are better than women in knowing the kind of person they want to marry.…[Read more]

    • I agree with your basic premise: don’t settle. My mother used to say this, and I love this quote (don’t know who said it) “You teach people how to treat you.” and that is especially true in finding a man/ being in relationships! It is really easy to pick a guy (or girl) who doesn’t meet your standards because you don’t want to be single, or you…[Read more]

  • Lanika posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 2 years, 6 months ago

    If you ever wonder why your relationship is falling apart or you are not connecting with your partner, then sit down and talk to him! At times, we might say stuffs which are not true and it’s because of how we are feeling. It’s best to have a conversation with your partner, telling him how you’re feeling. This always brings a relationship closer…[Read more]

    • Hi Lanika,

      I agree. I’ve recently left a comment to a post somewhere around here (lol) where I mentioned the importance of communication and vulnerability in relationships. These things are essential to trust; without trust there is no relationship.

    • Hey Gliss, it just doesn’t work. It makes innocent behaviors suspicious and no big stuff dramatic. It’s stressful for both people involved. It makes people worry and stress, and stress and worry creates illnesses, unhealthiness and unhappiness.

    • A lot of people don’t realize that communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. If neither partner talks to one another about issues they may have, then the relationship is not going to last very long. People often think it’s better to hold their issues inside of themselves rather than confront a partner about an issue they…[Read more]

    • This was a great post and I definitely agree with the points you made! Please share similar posts like this. Great info!

  • Genevia Cameron posted an update in the group Group logo of RelationshipsRelationships 2 years, 7 months ago

    Hello everyone I want to tell you a bit about myself and hope that maybe everyone can help with a progression that I’m dealing with in my relationship ( or lack there of). I have remained single since the death of my boyfriend in 2012. There have been small dates and get togethers that I have endured but I don’t feel that I’ve met the right…[Read more]

    • First of all, I’m very sad to hear that your boyfriend took his own life. It is good that you gave yourself a bit of time to grieve for him, and this may sound totally harsh, but you owe it to yourself to move on (and I see that you’ve been trying to). You have to go into each date telling yourself, “I will not let “him” determine the outcome of…[Read more]

    • Wow, my sincere condolences!

      Break-ups are hard enough to heal from particularly if there is the roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows due to depression… Him taking his own life just adds so much more emotional baggage to sort through and makes finding closure that much more difficult for those left behind, (you).

      I feel the need to…[Read more]

    • Sorry for your loss. Valentines Day, you are not alone in feeling broken on that day. It comes in many forms. We just keep trying right. Online dating now that is an interesting topic. I did plenty of that. I think it is good to experience and each will have their own with it. All I will say is be cautious. It is not what it was originally. Have…[Read more]

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