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  • Jo posted an update in the group Group logo of EntertainmentEntertainment 1 year, 2 months ago

    Does anyone here play table top role playing games? I know, this sounds like a really nerdy question and I think the genre has gotten an unfair reputation in the past. The number of rules and fantasy settings seem to put people off. The rules are actually secondary and the story can be about anything you want. It’s all about being creative and h…[Read more]

  • Florence Dupuis posted an update in the group Group logo of EntertainmentEntertainment 2 years, 5 months ago

    So is anyone here using Netflix? I am curious to know how much of you do so. I know I use Netflix (thought I am sad that it makes all the rental clubs go broke). But I have to say, Netflix is pretty amazing and I found a lot of good tv shows and movies on there that I would never have thought to check out. I guess that’s the trick, for me. If…[Read more]

    • I use both Netflix and Amazon Prime. I love streaming videos as it’s so convenient and I have a whole library to make a selection from. Both services have a lot of choice. I use Netflix more for films, and Prime for series. I take risks and try new things that I otherwise wouldn’t have paid for. I usually browse to see what catches my attention.…[Read more]

    • Hi, yes I use Netflix. I find it very convenient and the options are good enough to facilitate my interests. It can be a little limiting wherein, some tv shows or movies aren’t available, and I have to use other movie sites. But I’m grateful for the site and it has been my comfort in many times

  • Florence Dupuis posted an update in the group Group logo of EntertainmentEntertainment 2 years, 5 months ago

    I am not sure to understand how this works exactly, could someone explain to me? I thought I had to join though, because everything with me always have to do with entertainment. I am just wondering how to make this thing though. Should we/where should we post articles or blogs or something? How do we interract about entertainment on here?

    • yes anyone that joins a group can start a subject and that’s how it gets started. You can comment on what is already there. I figured I would jump in since there was nothing here yet.
      Everything with you is about entertainment. Is it part of your job or are you just a fan?

      • But how do I start a topic?
        Everything with me is about entertainment because it’s just my passion, what I love, in a fan way. Right now, I don’t have any job, so I can’t say wheter I’ll end up working in entertainment or not, but I sure hope so!

        • Well you could read through other sections of this website and see. You’ve actually started one right now. Entertainment is your passion, ok. You are a fan. You could start out with who and what you are a fan of. It’s like I enjoy looking at the gowns and dresses they wear for events. The makeup and hair styles. I enjoy watching movies as well.

          • Oh, yeah okay I understand!
            Sorry, I wasn’t sure if it was just doing something like this or if I had to write sort of a blog post, or something in a subforum of sort. I was kind of lost there for a while.

          • A favorite is Jennifer Garner. I like to see what she eats cause she is in great shape. She’s always smiling and happy too. Her makeup is simple but always sexy.

            • Yeah, I agree. She has a great smile, and she keeps herself pretty without putting loads of make-up, like say, Avril Lavigne does. I am not really into shape and diet things thought.

  • Adrianna posted an update in the group Group logo of EntertainmentEntertainment 2 years, 5 months ago

    Mostly I get my entertainment from YouTube. Sometimes I will watch a movie, but that lately I’m not that into. YouTube has an unlimited amount of things to watch, just a few more channels than dish network. Lol