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GobSpark FireSteel Ranger with Super Scraper and Lanyard

GobSpark FireSteel Ranger with Super Scraper and Lanyard

  • Genuine FireSteel formulated to give great gobs of sparks.
  • Enough FireSteel to make hundreds of fires.
  • Easy to use and very safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Comes with Super Scraper that maximizes your sparks

The GobSparkTM Ranger FireSteel adds a unique double lanyard hole handle to the popular Ranger FireSteel (1/4 inch diameter x 3 inches long).

This small handle allows for a better grip when scraping sparks from your FireSteel, as well as attachment of a lanyard (26-inch 550 parachute cord lanyard included), FireSteel Scraper ( Super Scraper included), tinder for making fires (such as our magnesium tinder rods) other small gear.

our firesteel forumula is tweeked to give the best sparks!

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