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Fruit ‘n Such Can of Preparedness Seeds

Fruit ‘n Such Can of Preparedness Seeds

The Preparedness Seeds Fruit ‘N Such Can provides a vital component for your food storage plan.  Each #10 can contains 10 garden fruit and vegetable varieties designed to help you stay sane in hard times.  While it is important to store the basics in preparation for true want, wheat and freeze dried foods can get old quickly, especially for children.    Think about how a pumpkin pie would taste after months of whole wheat bread. Or fresh watermelon or strawberries or a little huckleberry jam to spread on top. Variety helps to keep us sane and growing seasonal fruits can make hard times more bearable.   Varieties Included:   CANTALOUPE, Hales Best Jumbo – 10g HONEY DEW, Green Flesh – 10g WATERMELON, Crimson Sweet – 10g GROUND CHERRY – 300 seeds GARDEN HUCKLEBERRY – 300 seeds ALPINE STRAWBERRY, Alexandria – 300 seeds CANARY MELON, Yellow – 10g TOMATO, Large Red Cherry – 5g …

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