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First Aid Only 107 Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit, Soft Case Reviews

First Aid Only 107 Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit, Soft Case

  • Perfect for hiking, camping, marine adventures, home & auto.
  • Our outdoor softsided kit features all the essential first aid items for minor aches and injuries.

?(20) 3/4″x3″ Adhesive plastic bandages
?(10) 3/4″x3″ Fabric bandages
?(5) 1″x3″ Fabric bandages
?(2) Knuckle fabric bandages
?(2) Fingertip fabric bandages
?(2) 2″x4″ Elbow & knee plastic bandages
?(10) 3/8″x1-1/2″ Junior plastic bandages
?(2) Butterfly wound closures
?(4) 2″x2″ Gauze dressing pads
?(2) 3″x3″ Gauze dressing pads
?(1) 5″x9″ Trauma pad
?(1) 2″ Conforming gauze roll bandage
?(2) Aspirin tablets
?(2) Ibuprofen tablets
?(2) Extra-strength non-aspirin tablets
?(6) Alcohol cleansing pads
?(6) BZK antiseptic towelettes
?(2) Antibiotic ointment packs
?(2) Insect sting relief pads
?(2) First aid/burn cream packs
?(1) 1/2″x5 yd. First aid tape roll
?(1) Sunscreen pack
?(1) Lip ointment pack
?(1) 2″x2″ Moleskin square
?(1) 6″x11/16″ Finger splint
?(1) Medium #2 safety pin
?(10) 3″ Cotton tipped applicators
?(1) 4-1/2″ Scissors, nickel plated
?(1) 4″ Tweezers, plastic
?(2) Exam quality vinyl gloves
?(1) First aid guide

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