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Digital Or Physical?

To have a profitable membership site, you need to provide valuable resources that your site’s members will find useful in their own businesses, whether that would be knowledge they can apply to their businesses, products they can sell in their own businesses, or a combination of both. Another factor you need to consider is whether you want to provide digital products or physical products.

Digital products, such as ebooks and software programs, have become more popular over the past few years. People find them to be convenient because they can access them right on their computers and right after they have purchased them (or access to them as is the case with products inside a membership site), unlike physical products that need to be shipped to one’s home.

The cost and accessibility differences are important factors you need to carefully when determining whether your site’s members would prefer digital or physical products. While digital products and delivery is cheaper (just costing bandwidth and any associated costs in creating the product, as compared to actual packaging and shipping costs with physical products), some people still prefer to have a tangible product in their hands, feeling that a physical product provides more value and is a product they can consult even offline. You have to determine the thinking behind your site’s members and the information regarding the site’s topic(s) to determine whether you should go all digital, all physical, or a combination of both products would be best to provide to your site’s members.

For more information on membership sites, consult “Membership Sites Made Easy: How to Cash In On Your Own Membership Site.”

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