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Culinary Can of Preparedness Seeds

Culinary Can of Preparedness Seeds

The Preparedness Seeds Culinary Herbs Can provides a Missing link in your food storage plan.  Each #10 can contains 16 popular culinary herb varieties that will produce enough herbs to spice up your food storage meals in hard times!     These Seeds are Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO and are not chemically treated.  Because they are non-hybrid, seeds may be harvested at the end of the growing season and then used for the next year”s planting.   Varieties Included:   ROSEMARY – 150 Seeds SUMMER SAVORY – 200 Seeds SPEARMINT – 400 Seeds TARRAGON, Russian – 200 Seeds THYME – 200 Seeds FENNEL, Florence – 200 Seeds MARJORAM, Sweet – 300 Seeds OREGANO, Italian – 600 Seeds PARSLEY, Italian Flat Leaf – 300 Seeds PEPPERMINT – 400 Seeds BASIL, Genovese – 200 Seeds BASIL, Lemon – 200 Seeds CHIVES – 200 S…

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