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Cheating: Now Made Easier

No no not that kind of cheating.  I’m talking about kicking it old school with good old math problems.

Nowadays it seems that kids have it so much easier than everyone.  Every generation seems to have the same comments as we.. ahem.,. get older.  Technology is booming and the kids are huge consumers of it.  And it’s great for them.  Nowadays kids have access to learning resources that put them on the fast track to make careers before they even leave their teen years.  Nowadays kids are growing up faster and smarter with the convenience and access to technologies that would make us old farts’ heads spin.

Think about how things were twenty years ago.  The net age was just really starting.  Graphics and technologies were a thing of a new and shiny.

Take the time machine and go to the present day.  There’s kids making more money than their parents off of Youtube hits.  Teenagers are getting recruited for programming jobs.

This ap was made to help cheat at math:


There have been several times when I have found out about new technologies but rarely do I get to a point of saying that I wish I had this as a kid because this might have changed my life (or at least those grades in Algebra).

With Photo Math all you do is aim your device at the math problems and you obtain the answers.  It is essentially a digital cheatsheet ap for your phone.

I remember back in the days of college where you were allowed to use phones during the test.  I am amazed at the thought of that now.  Our devices are the tools for magic and masterminding and… cheating aps.

But don’t get too too excited.  At least not just yet.  Photo Math is still in its infancy.  It’s only currently available on iOs and Windows based devices with Android users having to wait until next year to get their hands dirty.

Damn I guess I’m stuck doing my own math then.  Oh well there’s always next year.

Now the real question of the moment is: does it help solve Common Core problems?  The jury is still out as of this posting…

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  1. Profile photo of Allison
    December 3, 2014

    Cheating is a question of integrity. Every job I’ve had t here were cheaters. However, as a teacher there have been major repercussions when it comes to cheating among the teaching staff.
    There was this one young teacher who always spoke up in our weekly meeting.”Oh, yes, I have that hanging in my classroom.” The principal asked her “Are you sure?” Veteran teachers would chime in “Where do you find the time? I can hardly grade papers let alone change bulletin boards …” I believe she was warned in private more than once to stop.
    The week before parent teacher’s conferences. we were ordered to walk around as a big group observing the decorations and conditions of each others’ rooms. Needless to say, when we got to her room she was so embarrassed. She taught the same grade as me but I avoided her. Next, the assistant principal stated let’s go look at another room which was mine. My desk was messy; however, everything on the check list was completed and visible to any parent of staff member. What is sad was the fact that I never ever bragged. I was exhausted by the time we would meet as a whole group of teachers; so, I generally kept my mouth shut always seeking to exit quickly to go home.

    Cheating because one does not feel adequate only hurts that cheater. Prepare instead of cheating.

  2. Profile photo of Mpho Angela Ashworth
    December 2, 2014

    Wow, maybe I run the risk of showing my age but NO, I don’t agree with it at all. I see it perpetuating a serious problem in the future where we have all these “educated” people who have no Functional Skills to speak of. Actually, scrap that; it’s late as we already have many people in that position! I can sort of see it working as a revision/learning/teaching aid, but it has no place in the exam room. I mean, I’ve never even known phones to be allowed in exam rooms. I worked for a large Exam Board in the UK up until last year, and phones were NEVER ever a requirement for any exams. I hope that it doesn’t take the place of kids actually doing things themselves.

  3. Profile photo of Florence Dupuis
    December 1, 2014

    I have really mixed opinions about this. I am not even sure where I stand. Not so long ago, I was doing math problems, and honestly, it was the thing I hated the most in this world. I would have loved to have had this. But on the other hand, technologies are not necessarily making kids brighter, I think it’s the opposite. I remember something that was bad for the brain with the video games and stuff being too fast, but I can’t quite grasp what it was… Anyways, this app would sure be damagable for mental developpement, as children will not longer need to learn how to make mental calculations at all, or how to make maths, or just know their tables. But it really is important. To some extant, you have to have mathematics basics and maybe yes, we will always be able to do it on our phone, but isn’t it best to be able to do it alone? Isn’t being bright something rewarding today? Yes, I am quite puzzled here.

  4. Profile photo of Selena
    November 26, 2014

    Wow, I don’t know how I feel about this. I think this might be a great tool for kids who are stuck on a math problem and there is no way to contact your teacher for help, but a huge mistake for when there is a math test. There is so much technology out there and so many ways for kids to cheat nowadays that you have to wonder, what are they actually taking away from all of this?

  5. Profile photo of Scott
    November 22, 2014

    As with any new or advancing technology, there will be benefits and drawbacks. An app that can do math problems written on paper is an awesome innovation! This means that technology that will allow for proper universal translation of languages is not far off as well.

    Just think, about what this means for artificial intelligence. Yes, kids and others might abuse it, but these are wonderful steps forward.

  6. Profile photo of Jani
    November 20, 2014

    It’s true, our technology could be the downfall to future generations! I am all for using technology to better learn. Though this just seems like a lazy way, easy to cheat – way out. Pretty soon technology will be doing every thing for us and we won’t have the intelligence to even know how to begin.

  7. Profile photo of jessica posh
    November 17, 2014

    This doesn’t help anyone but the company that is selling the app itself. I think its great that children have access to the world of information, but to have an app that solves everything for you? Not good at all. I think this is a perfect example on how reliant children are for problem solving skills. You take away their phones and they are utterly helpless. Which is upsetting and alarming.

    There will come a time when you children will be faced with a emergency and they will shit down because their app isn’t working or yahoo answers is not online. Think about it.

  8. Profile photo of Kim
    November 16, 2014

    Technology that helps kids learn can be good in moderation, but cheating is always wrong and will not be helpful in the long run. I hope teachers are aware of this app and are on top of preventing their students from bringing their phones into the classroom so that they are not able to cheat on their quizzes and tests.

    I know this is an every increasing problem, but something really needs to be done when it comes to cheating. Letting kids get away with it when they are in school will increase the chances of dishonesty in the workplace later in life.

  9. Profile photo of Ruby
    November 4, 2014

    As someone who was never any good at math I might find this app useful. Some kids have a natural ability to work out math and other don’t. While there will be specialist jobs requiring mathmatical genius, the majority of us only need to know how to use technology to find the answers we want.

    Kids who want to pass their exams will still need to learn how to do math without help, because there is no way the app can be used in an exam setting.

  10. Profile photo of Laura Austin
    November 3, 2014

    Technology has stolen kids individual creativity. Computers and phones do all of the work for them! My daughter is a Junior, and doesn’t use ANY paper – everything is online, even tests. There’s something that makes you remember things better by writing it down, the old fashioned way. I don’t think that kids absorb as much with technology doing all of the work for them.

  11. Profile photo of Vet
    November 2, 2014

    My initial reaction was REALLY? There’s an app for that now? Kids these days really have it easy. I’m with Bella about hoping that students will not cheat as much, but use the app only to check answers. Back in the day, while I find Math difficult, I actually enjoy solving problems. So, I’ll definitely be using this app to only check for my answers.

  12. Profile photo of Rachel
    November 2, 2014

    I don’t think this would be used to cheat on a math test. For one thing, cell phones are usually NOT allowed in the classroom. (In many schools, they have to leave them by the door in the cubby holes.) But even if they were, the teachers would of course be monitoring the test and would definitely notice if one child was using his cell phone to take pictures of the test. It would be pretty hard to do.

    However, this could obviously be used for homework. However, the teacher would know if he/she was cheating by the outcome of the his/her results on a test where no calculator/phone was used.

    I do think there is a possibility for this AP to be used to check and make sure homework is correct. But, of course, yes, cheating on however is a real possibility but not necessarily on tests.

  13. Profile photo of Bella
    November 1, 2014

    It’s true this generation don’t know how easy it is with the internet instead of searching books for information and writing essays.

    Calculations are easier now with apps and online calculators, in my day it was the scientific calculator. Hopefully students will not cheat as much, but use them to check answers, but there is always the temptation I guess. It’s a good job in exams, you have to show your working out method.

  14. diane
    October 31, 2014

    with the technological leaps and bound seen over the past decade this did not come as a surprise. especially with kids glued to their phone already its not hard to understand why an app like this would be attractive

  15. Profile photo of Rhoda D'Ettore
    October 31, 2014

    Technology is amazing in the things it does and the way it can assist us, but it is also a detriment with apps like this. Look what happened with spell check. Now you have scores of people who completely rely on spell check and have no idea how to spell accurately. I recently met a group of several college students who were not taught cursive writing, and therefore they cannot read anything written in cursive. I fear as we move on, we are going to lose many of the skills we once had, just because it is easier to do it with a computer or phone.

  16. Profile photo of Gliss
    October 30, 2014

    Like most things, I think the new app has it’s pros and cons. Yes, I suppose it could be used to cheat. But most teachers don’t allow cell phone use in the classroom, particularly during testing. Often cell phones are placed in a basket on the way into a classroom and picked back up on the way out. At least that’s been my experience with my youngest and her cell phone.

    From what I’ve read about this app over the past few days, it also shows how to do the work and solve the problem. With all the new math being taught, this could be hugely beneficial to math or time challenged parents. This could assist in helping the child to learn to do the work or simply used to quickly check the work.

    I see it being beneficial as well to over worked teachers in helping to grade a students work and seeing where the student went wrong and how to possibly redirect that student.

    As a side note : The math I was doing in high school is the same math being taught in grade schools today… yes children today have a wealth of technology at their fingertips, but I think we expect so much more from them as a result and at a much earlier age.


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