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50-gallon Portable Rain Barrel

50-gallon Portable Rain Barrel

  • 50-gallon Portable Rain BarrelDurable PVC Tarpaulin construction
  • Discharge valve with quick connector for use with a standard garden hose
  • Nylon mesh screen keeps leaves and debris from getting into barrel
  • Collapses for off-season storage
  • 25.6”H x 23.6” diameter

Product Description

50-gallon Portable Rain Barrel. Get free, pure rain water to green up your garden! PRICED LESS! “Waste not, want not” and water, lots! Why let rainwater just run off when you can collect it for continuous gardening use? This Rain Barrel is portable and collapsible for easy moving or storage. Water wonder: Big 50-gallon capacity! Just place it under a downspout; Nylon mesh screen on top keeps leaves and debris out; You can attach a hose to its bottom tap, or just open the spigot to drain; Top is zippered, so you can open it wide for scooping with bucket or watering can; You can attach tubing to its top overflow tap. It’s 28″h., has a 24″ diam. Weighs 6 lbs. A Barrel bargain… get yours today! 50-gallon Portable Rain Barrel

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